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Emotional Branding: Creating Lasting Connections with Customers

Imagine stepping into a whimsical wonderland where emotions take center stage, and branding becomes an enchanting dance.  Emotional branding is a secret language that transcends the realm of mere logos and catchy slogans. It is the art of crafting an unforgettable experience that tugs at the customers’ heartstrings, leaving an indelible mark on their souls.…

Understanding the Concepts of Performance Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

As a marketer, you must have an accurate compass to navigate these uncharted waters since the winds of innovation and the tides of consumer behavior are constantly changing. Performance marketing and digital marketing shine as guiding lights in this environment, each providing special tactics to get you to your goal: the height of marketing success.…

Beyond Stereotypes: The Evolution of Inclusive Marketing

Once upon a time in the enchanted land of Marketingville, a new concept emerged called “Inclusive Marketing.” It was a magical approach that sought to break down the exclusion barriers and welcome everyone into the grand castle of brands. Inclusive Marketing was like a majestic rainbow across the kingdom, embracing people of all colors, shapes,…

Branding Beyond Borders: Successfully Expanding Your Brand Internationally

Once upon a time, in a small workshop nestled in a bustling city, a dream was born- Bhavin Patel’s dream. A person who possessed a burning desire to share his brand with the world. Bhavin had poured his heart and soul into creating a truly remarkable product—a blend of artistry, innovation, and unwavering dedication. As…

Creating Memorable Logos: A Guide to Effective Brand Identity

In a crowded marketplace where attention spans are shorter than ever, how can a brand stand out? How can it leave an indelible mark on the minds of consumers, effortlessly conveying its identity with a single glance? The answer lies within the power of a well-crafted logo—a visual embodiment of a brand’s values, personality, and…

Swipe Right on Success: How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Dating App Find Its Perfect Match?

Love is in the air, but so is social media. With the rise of dating apps, finding your perfect match has become easier than before. However, with so many apps out there, how can you make your dating app stand out? The answer lies in digital marketing. In this article, we’ll examine the realm of…

The Best Kept Secrets About Digital Marketing For B2B Brands

Did you know- digital marketing is a 56% investment for B2B organizations?  Getting digital marketing properly is difficult. Marketers must strike a balance between the requirement for innovation, financial restraints, and channel choices while creating a marketing plan. But, the success of your marketing will ultimately depend on your audience. If your buyer persona is…

Four Basic Strategies To Leverage Digital Marketing For E-Commerce Brands

Imagine you’re the owner of a bustling, brick-and-mortar store in a busy shopping district. You have a great selection of products, a welcoming storefront, and an army of loyal customers who keep returning for more. But, despite your success, you can’t help but feel like you’re missing out on something. Enter digital marketing for e-commerce…

Zomato VS Swiggy – The Food Brand War

“Good Food Choices Are Good Investment in Soul Bank.” A decade ago, good food was homemade or at your favorite restaurant. Either you had to wash the piled-up dishes or feel tired after the long waiting line.  Fast forward- Half a decade ago, your favorite restaurant started delivering food on call. Connect a call and…

Digital Marketing For The EdTech Industry

Education shifted from blackboards and books to tablets and mobiles. Advertising has shifted from masses to personalized. How far do these go hand-in-hand? How digital marketing transforms edtech advertising?  Children of today not only use technology at a young age and also demonstrate competence with devices that many adults still find difficult to comprehend. They…

Targeted Digital Marketing by Buyer Personas

“Is your buyer persona ready?” “Plan a buyer persona.” “Share the product’s buyer persona.” This word is nothing new in a digital agency. But what is the buss about this word? Let’s take this buzzword in laymen’s terms.  An imaginary depiction of your ideal customer or target market is a buyer persona. It is simpler…

L&D – Addressing the needs of tomorrow: Introduction, Process, Challenges & Solutions

Before understanding the buzz about L&D, let us learn what this abbreviation stands for. L & D stands for LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT- one of the main responsibilities of HR.  L & D is the process focused on empowering employees with specific skill sets to aid them to enhance their performance. This can include either reskilling…

Improve Your Company’s Effectiveness on LinkedIn

Many businesses miss out on uncountable opportunities by not having a presence on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social networking site that may be utilized to develop consumer relationships and brand exposure. You can do a lot with LinkedIn, making it a great addition to your digital marketing plan. These include connecting with people and creating…

Branding Consistency- The New Buzz in the Marketing World

What Is Brand Consistency?  While the word branding is much more popular, the true essence of brand consistency is not fully understood. Brand consistency is an organization delivering branding messages aligning with the core values and brand identity elements. This helps the brand in building a cohesive consistent brand identity and thus giving a unified…

Role of ORM in Digital Marketing : A Complete Guide

Reputation matters for an individual as well as a brand!!  In a digital era where customers are powerful enough to leave reviews and impact your brand identity, it becomes quite essential to maintain your reputation.  If you fail to preserve your brand image, you will fail to attract customers. If you fail to attract customers,…

Key Web Development Concepts for Marketers

“First impressions are the best impressions.” This holds true not only for the physical world but also for the virtual world. A decade ago, visitors used to judge a business based on the physical outlet. But with the ticking of the clock, now the judgment is made on the visual appearance. Thus, we can say-…

Best Social Media Practices to Help You Write Better Content

Selling on social media requires strong writing. But not everyone is well versed in quality writing. Remember..

Web Development Life Cycle At IdeaTick

In layman’s terms, a website is a “site” or address on the internet. For many businesses in today’s world a website is as beneficial (if not more) as having a storefront. A location on the internet where their consumers can come and finds them.  It is no surprise then, that websites and the web development…

Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Small Businesses

With accessibility comes options. As the world of digital marketing and online eCommerce expands, consumers…


Before seeing how a 360° marketing campaign helps in building a brand, let’s understand what it means. While..

The Difference Between SEO and SEM: Which One Should you Rely On?

POV: You’re in a pickle.  It’s the middle of summer and you’ve got your groceries stacked up. But your fridge is hardly cooling anything at all.  What do you do? I’m guessing you reach out to your phone in a moment of frustration and search for a good refrigerator online.  This should come as no…

PPC Plan for Dentist

While everyone is smiling on the digital platform, are dentists smiling on the digital platform!? By the end…

What to expect when you’re looking for your first social media internship

In the booming internet era, millennial students are more inclined toward social media internships. As a…

The importance of graphic design in making your business a brand

A picture is worth a thousand words. But many times even a thousand words can’t describe the worth of a picture. In this digital era, every organization is looking for an outstanding graphical representation. What is graphic design?    Graphic designing is the art of creating visual content to convey a message. Designers use typography…

Get More Engagement on Insta Live

Instagram doesn’t need any introduction. One of the most interactive features of this social platform is Insta…

Gear Up with the 2022 SEO Trends

What is SEO? – A brief SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not a new buzzword. Explained in a layman’s language..

Text Ad v/s Shopping Ad- Pick the right one for you

One of the biggest challenges for many businesses is understanding how to leverage the different types of…

Responsive Display Ads- How responsive are they?

What is a Responsive Display Ad? Responsive Display Ad is created automatically by Google, which fits best in..

Understanding The Fine Line Between Medium & Source in Google Analytics

The terms of source and medium in Google Analytics are often mixed up even by the best digital marketers…

Optimizing Landing Pages : 7 Ways To Make Google Pick Your Page !

What is a Landing page? A landing page is a standalone page, created for the purpose of marketing and advertising..

Customer Acquisition Vs Customer Retention: How to Build the Perfect Strategy

The internet has made the world seem smaller. As far as businesses are concerned, the internet has made it easier to overcome geographic and physical barriers to reach consumers. But the digital world has provided customers with ample options to choose from, resulting in increased competition. It comes as no surprise that customer acquisition is…

How to deal with the negative online reviews

Getting negative online reviews for your business is not a good sign and for such a situation you should know how to deal with the negative online reviews.

Influencer marketing strategy for business growth in 2020

In 2020 consumers will be focused on a brand’s marketing strategy. So, influencer marketing strategy is very essential for business growth.

How to create an outstanding marketing plan

Do you really want your business to achieve the objectives? Then you should have a detailed marketing plan that tells you all the strategies to obtain the goal.

Six ways to stand against your competitors

The market has room for only those who are unique and creative with their work. Know the ways to stand against your competitors and build up your own identity.

Marketing strategy for your business growth

Business growth depends on the marketing strategy and always confront you to be in the direction of goal accomplishment with up to the minute challenges.

Time Management tips for productive work of professionals

You want to finish your work effectively but time management is becoming an issue. Follow some of the simple time management techniques to be productive.

Tips to decrease cost per lead on a Facebook Ads Campaign

Decrease cost per leads on a Facebook Ads Campaign with the simplest and the easiest tips and convert the leads into potential customers.

How to promote your business through webinars

Webinars assist you to grow your business and maintain the interest of your online customers. Know how to promote your business through webinars.

Organic reach is important for growing business successfully

Organic post brings a storm of organic reach. Social media platforms are functional because of organic audience.

Why Google Map Listing is important and how to improve it

Google Map ranking is a SEO factor that can be used to leverage the visibility on search engines. Many ways can be used to optimize these ranking factors.

How to Use Reddit in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Reddit in your digital marketing strategy is a medium to build the relationship between you and your customers. It provides assistance to grow your business.

Pay Per Click Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

PPC, which stands for pay-per-click, is a form of internet marketing. Each advertiser bids for space on a…

Actionable Tips for Branding Your Startup in 2020

We are experiencing the age of technology and information. There has been an exponential increase in internet…

Important characteristics of an effective e-commerce website

There are certain important characteristics of an effective e-commerce website that every organization needs to follow to make their business successful.

8 Tips of Knowing Your Customer Better

knowing your customer better is the smartest and easiest strategy to flourish the business. Customer satisfaction is the key for business development.

How artificial intelligence benefits digital marketing

Artificial intelligence benefits digital marketing by changing customer-facing services, increasing efficiency and optimizing the user experience.

Role of Search Engine Optimization in Business: B2B and B2C SEO

Search Engine Optimization in business plays crucial role to bring out top ranking on the google first page it includes both B2B and B2C SEO.

Tips to create content that your audience wants to share

Only the best content that actually justifies it being shared, will be shared. So have knowledge of tips to create content that your audience wants to share.

Why Infographics are important for your website?

Infographics content on the website is more alluring than any other. The more time your customer is on its chances of them being a potential customer increases.

How to make PPC (pay per click) work for your business

PPC or pay per click, is a way, businesses can grow when instant results are needed immediately. PPC campaigns can give great ROI for the money invested.

What are social media marketing trends in 2020

With the development of technology, social media marketing trends are playing a major role in business growth. Social media trends have a bright future ahead.

Significance of digital marketing for new businesses to grow

Digital Marketing is on high rise these days, thanks to the world getting inclined more and more towards internet marketing attracting more businesses online

Free technics to increase website traffic organically

Increasing Website traffic organically is a mandatory parameter that can be used to monitor the relevancy of the website in a domain

How to increase YouTube watch time for video SEO

YouTube watch time is one the important factor that is considered as a ranking factor for Video SEO for your YouTube Channel

What is social media marketing and why is it needed?

Social Media Marketing is a popular growing concept due to the numerous advantages it offers. It has the power of branding and can make profits for businesses

11 Social Media Marketing Techniques to boost your business

In this digital age, Social Media Marketing Techniques are one of the leading approaches to boost your business and attract your targeted customers.

How voice search will impact SEO in 2019

Voice Searches are having a major impact on SEO. With Voice Searches taking on a boom, search engine optimization needs a different look.

Digital marketing trends you can’t Ignore in 2019

In the age of Online marketing, various successful Digital Marketing Companies are adopting different types of Digital Marketing Strategies. And we bring to you the 5 major Digital Marketing Strategies that you simply cannot ignore in 2019!

7 Reasons why your business should Invest in SEO

Keeping your website on the top of the Search engine screen is what SEO does. We give you 7 basic reasons why SEO is important for businesses.

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