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Get More Engagement on Insta Live

Get More Engagement on Insta Live

Instagram doesn’t need any introduction. One of the most interactive features of this social platform is Instagram live, which allows the users to stream live videos to their followers. It is said to be a great way to connect to the audience directly.   

Even though it is said that the insta live is hard, the numbers tell otherwise. According to a survey conducted by New York Magazine and, nearly 80% of the audience prefer to watch a live stream over reading a blog post. According to the same survey, 67% of the audience who watched the live stream bought tickets to a similar event that was held later. This became a reality check for the brand which thought that live streaming was just a passing fad. Live videos are a popular trend that is to stay, which makes it important for the brands to understand how to get the most views on Instagram live.     

Benefits of Instagram Live

  • Increased Visibility: With more than 300 million posts getting uploaded every day, there is a high chance that your post goes unnoticed. That’s simply a wasted effort and time. Stories have helped combat this issue, but it’s the Instagram live feature that took it a step further. Instagram live is push notification enabled, making it easier for the followers to get an alert each time. This significantly increases awareness and develops the potential for reach. Also, Instagram Live streams are placed at the front of the storyline, which is why you get the most views on instagram live. Instagram Live streams are also highlighted, which increases interest and draw to watch.
  • Trustworthiness: The major reason audiences tend to love Instagram live content is that it is authentic. The happenings are spontaneous and real-time, which makes it impossible to fake the brand. It also breaks the barrier by bringing in a real-time interactive conversation with the audience. It creates a face-to-face experience that feels genuine and personal and thus earns trust. Trust is now an extremely important factor for the millennial audience and thus affects revenue generation directly. The brands that lack transparency hold the risk of losing customers to their more transparent competitors.
  • Engagement: Instagram stories are better with engagement, while Instagram live opens up more potential. The viewers are directed towards the action stream, as it is a two-way interaction. Stories last only 60 seconds and Instagram live can extend to a full hour. This gives a lot more scope to choose from in terms of content and increases the chance of a lead conversion.     

How to get the most views on Instagram Live?

Hitting the ‘Go Live’ button- Starting at 0 views and remaining 0 throughout is the biggest nightmare for anyone going live on Instagram. It’s true, but here’s something you can do about it.  

  • Promote the live session beforehand. 
  • Get people to sign up and send reminder 
  • Get partners/ influencers to promote int 
  • Choose the best time 
  • Create engaging content 
  • Interact with viewers 
  • Longer Live streaming 
  • Broadcast on multiple platforms 
  • Focus on content over setup 

Instagram’s lives can be highly effective in building a brand name in the market. It helps to reach out to more people and build relationships with the audience. It takes a lot of work to get more views on any live stream but considering the above-mentioned tips, one can grow the audience view gradually.   

Tips to keep in mind while conducting an Insta Live

Tips to keep in mind while conducting an Insta Live

Starting an insta live aimlessly might not result in the desired goal. Yeah, random live sessions are definitely fun but setting up a target to be met, makes the insta live more structured, focused, and worth the time. Below are the major tips to keep in mind while going live on insta. 

  • Engage the viewers: Instagram live is the easiest way to engage with your followers in real-time. While engaging with followers in a live session allows the brand to gain more trust which is very crucial for any brand. Insta live engagement isn’t simply about answering a few questions but is more about listening to their needs and giving them what they need. Only this way, the brand can earn followers’ trust.   
  • Road Map: It is important to have a clear road map before starting an Instagram live. You need to know about the pitfalls on the way to your destination. It is advisable to note down the points you want to cover. Even though the reality might not go as planned, it is important to stick to the initial plan. This helps the live session to be focused and stay on track, and save it from going off the rails. 
  • Set Goals: The success of social media campaigns depends on the goals set, making Instagram live no exception. Going live with no plan or objective leads to nowhere. Set a SMART goal before going live on insta. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based.

Summing Up: 

In the past few years, Instagram has evolved beyond a photo-sharing app, and now became a social commercial hub and birthplace of many social media trends

Instagram stories got introduced back in 2016, and have been adopted by nearly 400 million users. In the same year, the Instagram Live Video feature was introduced following the success of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter’s live-streaming features. Instagram Live is a helpful feature that has some definite benefits. Interestingly enough, it’s still a feature that isn’t getting much use.

Although Instagram live isn’t currently a priority for many brands, it remains an unexplored core offering. Instagram live provides lucrative partnership opportunities for brands to collaborate with followers and especially influencers easily. Instagram Live is a great format for brands to share unedited, authentic real-time content with an engaged audience where they can also promote the brand organically. And beyond its current uses, Instagram Live has an exciting future ahead for brands to explore.

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