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PPC Plan for Dentist

While everyone is smiling on the digital platform, are dentists smiling on the digital platform!? By the end of this blog on ‘PPC for Dentists’, we are sure that they would.   

What is PPC? 

Pay-Per-Click or PPC is online advertising where you pay every time an ad is clicked. Through this, you are purchasing visitors to your site rather than getting them organically. PPC campaign is a powerful marketing tool that requires a strategic approach to maximize benefits. 

However, it is not as easy as it sounds. It’s not just about paying for the clicks and getting traffic, but there are a lot more things that go into building a strong PPC campaign. It requires choosing the right keywords, arranging them, and setting up the PPC landing pages which are optimized for conversion.  

Benefits of using PPC for Dentists

The whole PPC strategy for a dental clinic starts by understanding what keywords the patients would be searching for when they look up a dental service. Once this is done, classify those keywords as per your accordance. For better exposure, you can group the keywords related to the service you want to promote. This way you can strategize more relevant PPC ads which can fetch a higher click-through rate.   

  • Cost-Effective: In PPC, you only pay when the ad is clicked. Thus no extra money is wasted on attracting an uninterested audience. Due to this, only potential customers who need your service are brought onto your site directly. 
  • Quick Results: PPC is one of the fastest ways to get more prospective patients directly for your consultation.  
  • Ahead of Competition: Paid Ads are displayed at the top of the search result pages. So this increases the chances of the patients seeing your ad first. 

Things to keep in mind while doing a PPC campaign for Dentist

Things to keep in mind while doing a PPC campaign for Dentist

  1. Focus on USP: Identifying your USP is very important when setting up a dental PPC campaign. The ad needs to attract more patients but it is more important to identify your most appealing practice. Think about what additional values you provide through your service or what sets you apart. Include these points in the dental PPC ad copy.
  2. Right Keywords: Two important factors of keywords to be taken care of are- Location-Based Keywords and Localized Niche Keywords. In recent years location-based searches on Google have increased. Thus running a location-based keyword is a staple of PPC ad campaign strategy. More specific keyword phrases don’t have the same quantity of search volume when compared to location-based keywords. But it holds advantages like less competition and lower cost-per-click. Organizing keywords into different ad groups also can prove beneficial. It is equally important to identify the negative keywords and eliminate the irrelevant search terms to narrow down the audience and get better results.
  3. Organized Ad Account: A well-organized Google Ad is very important when it comes to a dental PPC ad. It gives better tracking and high reward campaigns with lower cost-per-click bids. Creating separate search and display campaigns makes it easy for management. You should test campaigns across various device options and adjust them accordingly. Opt for automated bid strategies as they can drastically cut down on the management time and return the best result.  
  4. Effective Landing Page: For every ad designed or allocated a specifically designed landing page. The job of an ad is to get someone to click it, but the work doesn’t get over there. The actual job is to convert them.
  5. Track & Adapt: Testing is an important effective dental PPC ad strategy. One needs to identify the key performance indicator for the ads, track the results and make necessary changes to achieve better results. There’s a lot to understand and analyze and it is important to connect the dots to make sure the efforts are being paid off.   

We believe that PPC is one of the most efficient ways to drive customer volume for a dental clinic. With the right application of the above-mentioned points, we can ensure a quick appointment booking within a pocket-friendly cost per acquisition.  

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