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Role of Search Engine Optimization in Business: B2B and B2C SEO

Role of search engine optimization in business: B2B and B2C SEO

Digital advancement has created an extensive expanse in society. The lot is accessible just in the blink of an eye. Evolution in digitalization has made the world a smaller place, but it has also provided us with many golden opportunities to spread all over and attain our ambition. Earlier the market used to treat trade and commerce as something which has to occupy physical space. But with the change in time people realized it is possible to work via the internet and it has made work easier and faster. Dealing does not require any physical area it can be done through effective communication with the use of technology.

Now, business is something which takes place in two ways. Firstly, Business to Business i.e when one business is providing another business with products, services, and facts without any role of the customer. Secondly, Business to Customers i.e when the business is providing the buyer with the product, service, and information, there is no intermediate in between.

The internet plays a crucial role in this era of digitalization. For every basic knowledge which we require we search for it on the internet and the internet shows us the most searched results this most searched results come on the prior and this whole process is known as SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization. SEO is increasing the traffic for your content whether it is on your website or social platforms. Now, when SEO comes in interrelation with the business it is analyzed by both businesses as well as the customer.

B2B SEO companies are those companies which deal with professionals with the medium of SEO. B2B must evolve a modified B2B SEO strategy based on their target audience, profit margins, business objectives, and other factors which reflect the importance of SEO for business.

Before we go ahead with understanding the importance of SEO in a business, let us first understand what is SEO. Everyone knows that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, but what exactly it means is something many people might have no idea about. A simple explanation of this complex theory can be concluded as the process of improving a site’s visibility when a customer searches for the product/service over Google, Bing, or any other search engine.      

How SEO works

People use a search engine when they have a query or want to search for something they want. The process works on the search engine algorithm which processes like computer programs looking for answers to give back to the searcher. Search engines rely on those algorithms which decide on which web page to rank for the keywords in the search inquiry.

The process of SEO can be summarized in three steps- 

  • Crawling: Search engines set out web crawlers to find the pages containing the relevant information. These crawlers are called spiders or robots, which have the purpose to explore new web pages or the changes/updates in pre-existing pages.   
  • Indexing: In this step, the search engine decides if the crawled content is worthy enough to be added to the index. This can be considered crucial for the final ranking. The indexing process can be hampered if the content is duplicate or spammy and the lack of inbound links on the page.              
  • Ranking: Only after the first two steps are completed, the ranking process starts. For sorting and ranking the content, the search engine uses more than 200 ranking signals and ensures that the content matches the criteria of technical optimization, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization. Important factors like keywords in the title tag, loading speed, etc affect the ranking. 

How SEO is playing an important role

  • Site Visibility– SEO makes your site to be more visible in the various search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. If you are willing to rank your web pages on priority or at the top of the search engines, then SEO strategies are very useful.
  • Increase website traffic– Increasing website traffic is a difficult job to do but er to get website revenue traffic is an important task for running the business. The number of people indulging in your website will help in turning more positive conversions.
  • Positive User outcome and reach– SEO gives a rapid, favorable and flawless experience to its customers and provides what they are actually in need of. This plan of action attracts the users and the favorable customers will visit your site again which leads to increased income for your trading.
  • Keep a record of your opponent– SEO allows maintaining a track of your rivals who are above you and those who are behind you. There is a need to intensify your website with more newly discovered and innovative works distant from your competitors to reach the top amongst your opponents.
  • To be aware of your prospective users– SEO expertise not only tempt your website’s traffic, but you can also track down what kind of users have gone through your website and what they are expecting from your products and services. After tracking down you will be able to widely examine and upgrade your website further and make it more generous.

Let us now find out how Business to Business SEO is different from Business to Customer SEO.

These two worlds are completely different and work differently and they exhibit SEO facts and Business to Business SEO services. You can get a clear and better understanding of the differences between them by the following points. So, let us understand Business to Customers SEO first:

  1. This world is all about end-users, they want to be exposed to less risk, and their way of buying tends to be less expensive.
  2. The content is created only to construct a relationship and for advertisement. It’s necessary to center the efforts to give understandable and to point of product information. The standard customer is always interested in knowing what the benefits they are getting and if you succeed in telling them that before other retailers then you are successful in winning their trust and you will get the business.
  3. They are generally in need to acquire something. Customers will always purchase if it will be easy for them to do so so it is essential to make purchases uncomplicated for them. If purchasing will become difficult for them they will switch to others. So the SEO efforts should be product-oriented. The keyword research process becomes difficult sometimes because it has been searched for a large number of times. They need to identify keywords that are not too broad or too niche. So need to find keywords which will increase the conversions.

Why SEO is important for brand building? 

  • SEO is going to rule:: Customers are always going to look for cost-effective ways to get more information about the desired product/service. While SEO might remain constant, the strategies will keep varying with the opening of newer avenues with help of IoT. the whole process is time-consuming and not something which can be achieved overnight. 
  • The primary source of website traffic:  Currently, Google owns a massive part of the search engine market, and organic search plays an important role in website performance. All search engines play an important role in brand visibility, but just as Google is the clear market leader, it is important to follow its guidelines. Also, the brands are now trying out different niches like voice, visual and vertical search engines. 
  • Build Trust & Credibility:  The ultimate goal of the SEO practice is to demonstrate a strong foundation for any website. A website with effective user experience and easy discovery can attain trust and credibility quickly compared to one which lacks the same. Factors which help the site to gain more authority over time include machine learning signals, positive visitor behavior, and optimized on-page elements & content.  
  • Understand the customer’s voice:  SEO helps you in understanding the customers’ need and want right from a macro marketing environment to a granular unit level. The SEO reports can be used to gain a clear picture of user behavior.        
  • Give Better User Experience:  Every brand’s primary focus is giving an exceptionally well user experience. However, many people tend to forget that in order to attain the same, they tend to forget the importance of optimizing the user experience. Positive user experience is a crucial part of quality SEO. In order to achieve the same, Google’s Page Experience Update is something that the brands need to adhere to. To leverage the brand’s online presence, it is important to offer the user the information they are looking for with as minimum clicks as possible. 
  • Local SEO:: Local search has become a fundamental part of small and medium brands with the increasing mobile traffic domination. In simple terms, local SEO means aiming to optimize the digital existence within a specific area. Optimizing the Google My Business and social media profiles is the first step towards local SEO. It was until recently the brands started understanding the importance of user reviews on Google and other review sites.     
  • Being Updated:: Change is the only constant. This also holds for SEO. If a site is not re-evaluated at frequent intervals, the result will be short term and the rank will not improvise. Constant monitoring is required to keep the page ahead in the competition and thus on page 1. However, the biggest challenge is the thousand of algorithm changes of Google. Once a site falls far behind, it is very difficult to come back. 
  • Cost Effective:: Nothing is free, and neither is SEO. However, it is relatively inexpensive and payoff within a considerable time. Yet, many brands see SEO as a marketing cost while it should rather be considered as a business investment. SEO is still to hold the water for years to come and is expected to get more attention and investment for good.   
  • New PR:  SEO is no short-term goal, rather helps in building long-term equity for the brand. Nothing can speak better for your brand than a good ranking and favorable placement. With an outstanding SEO & PR strategy, one can make the brand’s news and other related items more visible. With the evolution of the searching pattern of customers, SEO is no longer a sole game. It is integrated with content and PR which helps the brands’ reach and awareness
  • Quantifiable:: SEO might not be offering an easy-to-calculate ROI like paid search, but we can measure everything with proper tracking and analytics. There still exists a problem in connecting the back end due to the lack of a definitive way to comprehend the correlations among all.  
  • Brings new opportunities:: With a high-quality SEO, marketers can easily discover and leverage newer opportunities. Thus it is to be understood that, SEO is not only bringing the brand to light. The better the brand is understood and portrayed, the more opportunities will thrive for the brand.  


When we want to move ahead in our life and career we need speed so that we can be ahead of others. But certain features make us ahead of them. SEO can be analyzed in the same way as life. SEO best practices make it appear on google’s first-page statistics. SEO for B2B companies is not the only that matters SEO for B2C companies is also equally important in the world of SEO. There are many B2B SEO agencies whose clear focus is on giving rise to a sales lead. It can come to an end that SEO is not for your business to grow larger it is necessary to fight with growing competition.

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