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How voice search will impact SEO in 2019

How Voice search will impact SEO in 2019 How voice search will impact SEO in 2019

SEO is a constantly changing process with the dynamic need and demand of the market that changes on a day to day basis. Search engine optimization, its tools, and services as a whole crafted technically can help improve the overall ranking.

But how this tool may change in 2019 is again a really complex situation. Voice search is the beginning of a trend that the world will follow in the upcoming years.

With more and more people awaiting the answers for the upcoming changes in SEO and the website rankings in 2019, we have compiled a list of procedures to work in response to these changes in 2019.

Market trends are flipping day in and day out, targeting searchers is the only way to bring an increase in sales. Here we discuss a few major changes that may change the way we see search engine optimization in the long run.

With more people searching the web with voice, SEO is going to change tremendously in 2019. Google will now have more complex algorithms to monitor the searches and hence organizations will have to change the way they handle SEO related processes.

In fact, most of the searches will not even won’t land to your website since Google will self-analyze the searches first and give results accordingly. As more and more users are shifting to mobile searches, and with ALEXA and other voice devices sweeping the web, a drastic change can be seen in these organic ranking tools in 2019.

Let us have a thorough look at some of the major game changers:

1. What is Voice Search?

The advanced feature of Voice Search supported by Google can be defined as a query made in the form of speech and this query being responded by Google in the form of speech recognition to find the best fit for the generated query/question.

An estimation by the google states that nearly 50 percent of the searches will be made as voice search till 2020 thus enhancing the overall voice traffic.

The rise in the curve of voice search queries reveals the impact voice search will have on the SEO Ranking in 2019.

The rise in the searches being made through voice recognition leads to a drastic change in the way we used to perceive SEO and its operations until now.

2. How voice search will impact SEO in 2019

Voice Search statistics are taking over high these days. Voice search technology is the new beginning.

As more and more traffic is based on voice searches, voice search SEO will take over the edge wherein content matching to the query made will be processed from the bucket of Google’s topics, titles and contents.

The contents will now appear to the user in the most filtered manner so as to give the user a high level of customer satisfaction.

3. Tips to enhance ranking on the website in 2019

With the newly mended technologies and search optimization, it has become essential to find out ways to have a significant ranking for the website.

Some of the important and the most essential tips to follow include:

1. Write the way that you speak

For high ranking on search engines it is mandatory to write in the same way as you speak, the reason behind it is that Google loves genuine content and this genuine content can determine a good ranking on search engines.

Search optimization refers to the content being optimized for voice searches including the long tail keywords to sound more natural as compared to those shorter keywords that perform quite well in desktop SEO.

2. Ensure Your Website Loads Quickly

The speed of a website should be optimized so as to ensure it runs smoothly over time. The images on the website should also be optimized in order to have good speed. Google crawls every website, every blog and can penalize low-speed loading websites.

It is essential to ensure websites are highly responsive and meet the reader’s expectations. The responsiveness of the site also matters for voice search SEO.

3. Include schemas and snippets

For an eye-catching website, it is highly required to add schemas and well-defined snippets. It is essential to have additional add-ons onto the website for its ranking. With new growing trends, the Voice Search Statistics can easily portray the high competition for website rankings.

A featured snippet is a summary answer from a webpage. Thus it helps tremendously in Voice search systems.

The voice search technology is a very powerful tool for SEO, and with continuous monitoring of the effect of voice search statistics, the ranking of the website can be improved on the search engines.

Various factors when implemented for website ranking can improve the voice search queries listings and visibility of the pages on the web. Voice Search Systems are booming in the market and keeping in pace with the trend is all that is needed to showcase your brand to the world.

Ranking on a webpage requires continuous and strenuous efforts and with new revolutions such as voice search systems, a detailed understanding of the same is necessary.

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