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Building your SEO to outrank your competitors

Search Engine Optimization

We provide reliable and cost-effective way to generate web traffic and sales revenue.

We are specialize to attract traffic organically and target potential customers.

We, at Ideatick understand that SEO is all about offering a good user experience to your end user. And that’s why we ensure that your website is SEO friendly, ranking well on the first page of major search engines. When you want to choose an SEO expert, you desire to work with someone who not only knows how to use keywords to ranking but also knows how to rank your site high. We are at the top of the industry in ranking a large number of keywords at the top positions.

Organic Search

We help organizations use SEO tools to generate content that helps to attract traffic organically and it can prove to be highly beneficial for targeting potential customers who search for services online.

Off-Page SEO

Several techniques that one can use to improve the position of a website on the search engine results page which will help you gain credibility in the online market and help attract the target audience.

On-Page SEO

Optimizations with respect to the content on your page or website that helps your content rank higher in searches and help you reach more potential customers and give you greater reach online.

Link Building

Link building refers to exchanging links with other pages and sites to make sure you increase your online presence and visibility which helps you generate more traffic with the help of backlinks.

Our Works are no joke! Here’s the proof

Here’s a small selection of the most recent projects we’ve launched, for a broader sense of our work.

LifeCycle / Processes

Become the industry leader with a seo service company having unmatched expertise and unique targeting strategies. We, at Ideatick make promises of measurable deliverables by strategizing bespoke SEO campaigns, which will deliver results.


No doubt that getting a new site live and getting into the search index is a tiring task. But starting an SEO practice without proper planning can leave your site in the dark.


Website audits provide a clear understanding of where the site lands currently, and help you in increasing the ranking drastically.

Analyzing &
Setting Goal

The basic goal can be to boost your overall presence, earn more leads, or increase footfall. Set SMART goals targeted towards growing the business.


Before starting with content creation, it is important to do proper keyword research. Figure out the main intent for the page so that you will be able to focus more on relevant keywords rather than generic ones.

Technical & On-page
SEO Strategy

It is optimizing various front-end and back-end elements like content, site architecture, HTML, etc. which is targeted to bring in new traffic.


High-quality content is the foundation of customer interaction and achieving top rankings. However, make sure that you write for visitors first and then search engines.

Off-page Link
Building Strategy

It is the process of gaining quality inbound links to the site, which improves the search engine ranking enabling better visibility.

Track SEO metrics
and KPIs

Monitoring the KPIs right is the way to avoid spending time and money on something which isn’t bringing in profits.

SEO optimization Standards That We Follow & You Should Too!

Our SEO strategies give one of the highest return on investment since it helps pull the target audience and generate quality traffic. It costs lower than PPC advertising and hence it gives the highest return on investment.

With extensive research, we come up with the most organic solutions to increase visibility so that the results only multiply with time and give you greater benefits with time. This will help increase profitability.

Most recommendations relate to aesthetics, but not all of them do.

User-friendly and Visually Appealing Website Design.
Frequent Website Updation.
Insertion of Prime Keywords.
Effective Internal Linking.
Optimize Website Loading speed.
Mobile Optimization.
Create SEO friendly Web Content.
Quality Backlinks from high authoritative Domains.
Integrate Google My Business.

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