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What are social media marketing trends in 2020


Technology evolves rapidly, it is difficult to keep pace with it so to grow the business faster with the technology social media marketing trends is an explanation and is top marketing trends. With the new year right around the corner, every business is preparing their marketing strategies for the upcoming year, so is social media marketing

Social media marketing trends is one of the leading enclosures that require exposure in the coming year to generate new marketing trends. With the rapid changes in technology and its evolution, every business is becoming digitised and creating its place in the market. Most of the people spend part of their life on social media and it has become an intrinsic part of every individual’s daily life and for some, it has turned out to be an addiction.

Spending some time and be updated about the latest social media marketing trends in 2020 can make you distinct with the other brands. Being aware of new and top social media marketing trends along with the knowledge of your competitors and customers will lay the foundation for your business growth. Here are the curated new social media marketing trends:

1. Fleeting content will be followed and accepted

With everything digitised things people are habituated to perform every task in a very short span of time and their attention also lasts for a very short time. It is the same when it comes to the content, no one prefers to read long and lengthy content. Fleeting content is the one which is there for a very short duration and after a certain duration, it disappears. Short contents are appealing and addictive that people can stick to it for hours without difficulty because each time they get the short and different thing to scroll down.

2. Technology adoption will be at peak

There will be a rise in people using more technology, integrating different technologies to make their business platforms to grow, better user experience, the fulfilment of customers demand and to increase the engagement and retention of the customers. Using various and favourable technology can help to achieve all the objective and will make things easier.

3. Video content will stand over

Going through the content by reading has turned out to be boring and tedious work. Knowing the content through the video is more captivating and holds people’s interest for a long duration. There are more options to be creative in the video and they can be remembered for long durations by the customers whether the video is long or short. If you are not creating videos you should start it because soon video content will dominate other contents.

4. User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content is free and getting more acceptability as compared to the branded content. It increases your credibility amongst the customers and works as goodwill for your brand. It establishes trust in your customers for your brand and product and results in more customers.

5. Extension of social media platforms for customer assistance

As a matter of course, social media was used as a platform for people to be associated with their social networks to connect with them and share pictures and videos. But now social media has grown and is used for different services such as retail platform, customer service etc. It is an unmediated way for customers to reach out to the brands and products. Many businesses now focus on these platforms for providing customer service. One of the reasons for customers to reach out to brands through social media platforms because there was an absence of response on other platforms.

6. Social listening

Social listening is developing day by day allowing businesses to get data and insights from these platforms to frame their social strategies. Social listening is very useful to track and analyse a lot of information and the impact of social campaigns to get an understanding of how customers look on the brand, distinguish it from the other brands and recognize your brand.

7. Live streaming will exercise control over other content

Social media in conjunction with live features is trending seeing that vital platforms are adopting it such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube all are including live streaming. It is more engaging, interesting, unique, exciting and what’s important is that the audience have an opportunity to communicate personally with the one they are following.

8. Brief, to the point information will be well received

Short and direct will be more preferred by the audience such as stories, IGTV. The reason behind it is that it is innovative, authentic, easy to use, understand and it is more engaging and it saves a lot of time. It is comparatively unique and provide new insights in less time.

Social media will be prevalent in local areas the easiest way to attract local people is by tagging the local places in the content and posts. This will help local audiences to know about your content and brand. Eventually, there will be a rise in the community of social media and these communities exist to provide a platform to their audiences so that they can share their opinions and interests. It is a way to bring all the customers and provide them with a common platform to be engaged in the content and the brand. All the prospective customers are on the same platform to share what experiences they have, the benefits and if any challenges faced by them they can seek the solutions for them. It is also a platform for businesses to launch their products and update their content, get knowledge about the customer experience and their insights.


Social media is a trend that will continue for many years and will dominate the other marketing strategies in 2020. It is an influential and ambitious space and these trends and strategies can help you to be ahead of your competitors. So, be updated and take leverage of latest technologies and take initiatives to frame your marketing trends and strategies around these themes for your content and brand establishment. It is a platform to distinguish your social media game to be dynamic in the market.

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