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Tips to create content that your audience wants to share


Digital marketing is one of the platforms which is growing rapidly these days and is in demand. Every enterprise is getting indulge with it for business growth. But have you ever thought how does it work? The whole digital marketing works on one concept and that is content. And it is a big dilemma to have exact knowledge about tips to create content that your audience wants to share Let’s talk about the major issues faced by people regarding the content.

When we are talking about content, we should focus on inside information about how to create content that will be shared by the audience. We have listed down certain points which should be kept in mind while creating content:

1. Classify and have knowledge of your target audience

Creating content without knowing your target audience is a waste of time. Therefore, before drafting any content take some time to identify your audience. The content created by you does not seem important if your audience is not interested in it, so inspect who are you targeting and provide your content to them. To suffice your objective just them some questions. There are certain things which you should consider while picking out your target audience:

  • Who are the people to whom you want to target? Basically, it is classified on the basis of demographics such as age, profession, etc.
  • What are the needs of the targeted audience? Design something that will help them.
  • When is your audience using social media? Publish your content when most of your audience is online.
  • Where does your target audience reside? Geographical location is also an important part while preparing content.
  • Why your audience is online? Is there any specific reason for them being online, are they searching for any peculiar information, socialization, pleasure or validation.
  • How are they browsing the internet whether they are using smartphones or computers? Check the compatibility of the content with the device used.

2. Contrive a headline that asks strongly for attention

At the beginning what we read creates a strong impact on our minds. No matter how good your content is but it is not of any use if the headline is not engaging no one bothers to read it. There are several methods to write an intriguing headline, here are a few tips about how to initiate.

  • Append a promise in your title
  • Numbers allow your reader to know what to hope for
  • Put a question to spark eagerness
  • Include “How To” in your title.

3. Be original

The content on the internet is limitless, so the probability of that content is on the internet is very high. It is quite possible that the topic chosen by you has already been covered, now to make your content different and original you can add different perspectives, examples, or a distinct voice.

4. Don’t be apprehensive to make it of considerable length

The younger generation or other people does not have time to go through longer content is not true. If you will provide content of high-quality and is engaging even the long and detailed content works. Even some research has shown that longer, in-depth content is shared more often as compared to the short content.

5. Educe emotions

Emotions are very responding in compelling to share something which we like. The content which can trigger the highest emotions is circulated quickly.

6. Concentrate on trends

Pay attention to the recently developed trends and the latest news events as encouragement when you have to create content. This helps in visualizing new ideas and adopting trending subject matter and current events. It helps in making you assure that you have a built-in audience who is by this time fascinated by your content.

7. Add on video content

It is easier to engage people through video content when it is compared to text. It is processed faster and is more memorable. Some of the famous video content which is creating a huge impact is Gifs and infographics. Let us have a look at the examples who have adopted video content on a wider scale, one is twitter it has added Vine for looping videos and the second one is Facebook which has recently made images bigger.

How to create content that will make it accessible to people

The websites are full of content but when people go through the content they glide over quickly if the content is not as per their requirement. They only browse the content if they find something important which adds some value to their needs. Here are certain points which should be followed to create accessible content:

  • Highlight headings and subheadings to distinctly recognize your topics.
  • Note down the points so that the information can be organized easily.
  • The paragraphs should not be more than 3-4 sentences.
  • Use simple vocabulary. The knowledge of a good amount of vocabulary is impressive, but if the content is not able accessed by the average reader because of the language used then it will not make any sense.
  • Make use of images to explain your textual content.
  • Depict difficult content such as complicated data and statistics through infographics. It is easy to understand and engage more people.

Creating content that will be acknowledged and shared by people is hard work, but it’s worth creating such content because it pays off when the traffic to the website is hit hard by the people. Creating content after following these steps will force your visitors to share the content.


The content created by you when shared by consumers becomes a digital campaigner for you indirectly because of the word of mouth. Creating and posting content that will be eminently shared by the customers will provide a wider reach as compared to the natural reach obtained by the paid advertisement. Every post should be attentively curated and designed so that it can attract your ideal customer.

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