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Tips to decrease cost per lead on a Facebook Ads Campaign


Digital marketing is one of the leading ways in which nowadays businesses are growing. Every digital marketing company is facing the same question from the client that they need maximum leads. To run the business successfully it is very essential to decrease the Facebook ads campaign cost per lead. So, if you want to know the tips to decrease cost per lead on a Facebook Ads Campaign you are in the right place you will get to know everything in this blog.

These are the quick tips that will help you to decrease the cost per lead on a Facebook Ads Campaign.

1. Find your best-performing audience for the client

The major problem that has been observed is that organizations do not have a clear understanding of their target audience. They are not clear about whom they are targeting which may include age, gender, etc. Targeting a specific group of people helps to get the leads and increases the chances of converting them into potential customers. Therefore it also helps to decrease the cost per lead.

To do so you can apply precise targeting that includes

Audience filter

Filter out and categorize your audience based on certain factors such as age, gender, geography, demographics, etc. This will help out to make the ads specifically for a certain group of people and it increases the leads and reduces the costs.

People Likes and dislike

Always keep a focus on the likes and dislikes of the audience and then prepare the advertisement according to it.

2. Use different ad types

Advertisements play a major role in grabbing the attention of the customers but showing up similar kinds of ads seems boring to them and they may lose complete interest in it. It may also result that they may start ignoring the product. So depending upon the demographics and the client different types of advertisements should be used such as videos, carousels, single images, and sliders. This keeps the interest of the customers and converts them into potential customers and assists to decrease the cost per lead on a Facebook ads campaign.

3. Test your ad versions in different audiences and different versions

The ad should always get tested, it can be tested in two ways they are mentioned below:

A/B split testing

Facebook is one of the popular digital platforms that allows running multiple ads at the same time on the same budget. Making certain impressive changes in your ad creative that includes the images can result in bringing a major difference in the conversion and also helps to decrease the cost per lead on a Facebook Ads Campaign.

A/B test helps in optimizing the advertisements. A/B test helps in bringing changes in only one aspect not in all the aspects (such as the ad copy) or in the target market ( such as age, location, gender).


In A/B testing there are certain tests that are done automatically such as images, copy, target audiences, bidding, campaign objectives, etc. The calculation of difference, comparing the results, and selecting the ideal version for the ads are done automatically in A/B whereas in the case of manual the ad manager has to perform these tasks by themselves.

4. Prevent ad fatigue (Ads reputation with the same audience)

When any advertisement pops up to the same person, again and again, they get irritated by it and start ignoring it. This is known as ad fatigue. This can be easily seen with the Click-through rate(CTR) drops. When it drops down it is evident that the ad is not working anymore. When CTR drops it’s time to change the existing ad and come up with something new that interests the audience and helps to decrease the cost per lead on a Facebook ads campaign.

5. Limit the number of form fields lead form

There are forms in the advertisements that need to be filled by the customers to answer certain questions that help to identify their needs and preferences, likes, and dislikes. These lead forms should not be lengthy, time-consuming, and boring and they should be precise and interesting. It should be quick and not bring a situation where the customers need to think a lot. They play a major role in categorizing and identifying the target audience.

6. Experiment with Facebook ad placements according to the client

The ads should be placed according to their needs. Always try out to experiment with the placement to know which one is giving out the best result. It also helps in understanding the needs of the customer.

The placement of the advertisement can be done in two ways either manually or automatically. Manual placement of ads is done by the digital marketing expert and the automatic placement is done by Facebook itself.

7. Keep a check on ads performance

The advertisements can only serve you the benefits when you will be aware of the results that they are giving. It is very necessary to keep a check on ad performance. Some of the easiest and most common ways in which you can keep a check are mentioned below.


Monitor which devices are giving better results. For eg: laptops, PC, mobile phones, or tablets. The devices that are not being used are of no use and the ads can be deactivated on such devices.

Age groups and demographics

Analyze which age group and gender are giving out the best result and focus on making the ads from that point of view. It is essential to check who are the interested people and who belongs to which gender and age groups.


Time plays a major role in getting the lead and converting them into customers. It is necessary to check the timing when most people are active on social media and when is the right time to pop up the advertisement so that people do not get irritated by it. The maximum number of people get to see the ads the maximum leads will take place.


Geographic reflects the area where the advertisement is working more. It includes the area, state, or country. An analysis should be done of people of which geographical location is giving out the best result and what are their likes and dislikes, therefore the focus should be clear and the advertisement should be made accordingly.

This blog will help you with the easiest methods to decrease the cost per lead on a Facebook Ads campaign. These are the simplest ways in which you can decrease the amount and it will also help in converting the leads into potential customers. The best way to know about something is to experience it and these are the experiences gained by the experts of our digital marketing team and we gain the best results out of it.

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