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How to Use Reddit in Your Digital Marketing Strategy


It is completely “ok” if you are not aware of Reddit, this blog is an opportunity for you to make yourself understand what it is and how to use Reddit in your digital marketing strategy.

If you are thinking of a new marketing channel, Reddit is one of the growing and best possible options to contemplate.

Redditors are the community present on Reddit and these communities are completely against people or businesses who are not active participants on Reddit and are present on it just for the purpose of marketing.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a medium where people register themselves and talk or discuss various topics whether it is news, technology, Bollywood, or any of the weirdest things in the world. It is one of the most active communities on the internet.

There are three types of posts which can be created on Reddit:

  1. Sharing a post (text)
  2. Posting a link
  3. Posting an image/video

To share any link, post, or to upload any video or image, on the right side of the screen there is an option “Submit a new link” just click on it.

Reddit works with a view of Karma points, gaining an understanding of it.

What Are Karma Points? What is the Role of Karma Points?

Reddit defines your success by the karma point built up by you. Karma points act as a scorecard for Reddit users and it is earned whenever any links or comments are being shared. Karma is decided by the upvotes or downvotes your links and comments received.

A minimum of a hundred points is vital to make it visible that you are sincerely involved in the communities.

Some subreddits also have the limitation of a minimum amount of karma to be eligible to post.

It does not only indicate the virality of the content but is a good way to manifest that you are actively and genuinely involved in Reddit and it is not only a way of self-promotion.

How to Use Reddit as a Digital Marketing Strategy?

These are the ways to use Reddit in your digital marketing strategy:

1. Reddit as a research tool

It is a forum where people in groups talk about various topics. It is an effective way to use it as a research tool to find the latest trends amongst the customers.

This strategy performs for all the marketers- it is not necessary to be a Redditor. Everyone can use it for research and it helps to get various beneficial things for marketing.

There are certain steps that can be followed for effective working. I have listed them below:

Identify subreddits significant to your brand or business

There are different ways to find out subreddits. One of them is to proceed to Reddit and search for the subject you are intended to. The search results will put forward the recommended communities to join and a list of the trending and popular content that are related to your search.

Another way is just to visit straight on subreddit. It is a place where people can put up their queries pertaining to any of the subject matter and then the community acknowledges and reciprocate with different ideas which subreddits can be joined.

The subreddits having maximum members is proved to be more useful to provide the research insights. When you have to get into an advertising perspective, the substantial subreddit has a maximum audience.

When you become aware of your people on it, further research is completely based on you as per your requirement.

Now you can browse in a manual way, navigate the subreddits directly and browse them. If you are following this remember to visit the content daily or weekly to be updated, based on the members of subreddits.

2. Create appealing and captivating titles

It is one of the major factors for Reddit being exceptionally well with its content- the quality of the content is not only the reason it is also about how the content is framed or title has been framed. The users define very well about their posts using this space. Marketers can really delve deeper into it and gain an understanding of how to make great use of space.

It is the right place to analyze the type of writing style which is appealing to the people.

It is easy to see and analyze the most trending posts just by visiting the Reddit homepage or the subreddit “all”.

3. Relationship Building

Building a relationship with your customers and audience can be easy on Reddit. First, prepare content that is up to the mark. It is a platform where you can share and promote your product and initiate some conversations.

But before you initiate anything it is essential to figure out the subreddit who will fulfill your purpose. It is necessary to figure out the people who are really interested in the offer that you are giving out to them. Don’t just post links, try to build up a good reputation first by getting yourself involved in other posts and conversations. This helps them to build up the trust and confidence between you and them.

4. Generate more traffic

People often think to get traffic to their website from Reddit but if they are really keen to execute it then they must create their presence on Reddit by being a genuine contributor to the community.

There is no shortcut to gaining organic Reddit traffic. If you want to attract organic traffic, then you have to get involved with them, and that too genuinely. It does not work another way round where you can show up and promote your product or content. If you are willing to pay then you can get it through advertisement. For this, you need to find your subreddits based on their demographics and geographical location. To generate more traffic you can also increase visibility which leads to an increase in conversion.

Increases the visibility

The posts also contain the “cross-post” button at the bottom of the original thread so that if you want to cross-post it to the other subreddit you can perform it with ease. But one thing should be taken care of that cross-post should be done wisely. This results in more people seeing your posts and being aware of your content or the product.

Increases conversions

Reddit advertising is in its emergence phase as compared to other social platforms, so this is the right platform to get good returns. It works on a cost-per-click basis. It assists in optimizing campaigns to boost up the reach, traffic, views, and conversions. Videos are one of the most captivating content on Reddit.

Connecting to the mass audience, having knowledge of their needs, and proposing your offer suitably


Reddit is an influential digital marketing tool and is growing day by day. For any business to grow there is a need to understand the audience and their needs. If you want to bridge the gap between you and your customers, have knowledge of their needs and then market your products. It is an effective way to generate more traffic and make your content to be seen by more people which can lead to more conversion.

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