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Digital marketing trends you can’t Ignore in 2019

Digital marketing trends you can’t Ignore in 2019

In the age of Online marketing, various successful Digital Marketing Companies are adopting different types of Digital Marketing Strategies. And we bring to you the 5 major Digital Marketing Strategies that you simply cannot ignore in 2019!

The concepts of search engine optimization, social media marketing, link building, content marketing and other digital marketing services are advancing this year! Newer online marketing trends are evolving rapidly. The consumer’s demands are changing, hence making it very much crucial for digital marketing companies to start adopting new digital marketing strategies.

All businesses must read this post because whatever marketing trends the digital marketing agencies were using last year, won’t work this year. With the upcoming New Year, here we are, sharing the new digital marketing strategies that can’t be ignored in 2019.

1. AI Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence and its applications are expanding rapidly. Proving to be a worthwhile discovery, the Chatbots have completely changed the working of digital marketing services.

Through the use of Chatbots, continuous questions can be asked to consumers, giving the companies a better perspective of the market. Users can also benefit from the interactive assistance and delivery of the required information and guidance on time.

For providing 24/7 customer support and for leading the user in the right direction, a Chatbot is a perfect option. These small pop-up windows are rapidly transforming the digital and internet marketing scene.

2. User-Generated Content

Authenticity is one of the attributes that consumers are looking for in a brand and in its social media profile. Through user-generated content, the brand can showcase their authenticity.

User-generated content in the form of blogs, social media posts, videos and reviews can assist in achieving genuine brand publicity.

By continuously sharing genuine videos and photos of the brand’s product/services being used, the authenticity of the brand gets established in the market place.

3. Video Marketing

For deeply engaging the audience, videos are becoming a more dominating marketing tool than static photos and other regular advertisements.

Videos are easy to share and are more eye-catching. Live-stream videos, tutorial videos of products and professional video advertising are some of the most effective digital marketing strategies.

With the cost-effectiveness of film equipment and quality smart-phone cameras, the companies are recommending personalized videos in order to promote authentic and ‘real’ publicity.

4. Social Media Stories

By making use of live videos savvy marketers can promote, engage and generate brand awareness efficiently. Through the distinct social media platforms of Instagram, Facebook and YouTube the Social media stories come alive!

With the effective use of these videos the desired audience can be targeted effectively, and almost immediately.

Through social media stories, reviews of products, creative stories behind the creation of the product or about the employees can be broadcasted and this leads to the creation of a special bond between the product and its consumers.

5. Influencer Marketing

All the brands are trying to shift their focus on social media influencers that produce content which aligns towards their brand.

For example, if travel, food and fitness brand gets associated with the right influencer – a well-known public figure or a Celebrity – then the brand’s publicity will reach all the loyal fans of that personality/celebrity.

These fans and followers totally trust the influencer and prefer/recommend the same brand as marketed by the influencer.

Hence, we can say that 2019 will be a year full of new digital marketing strategies that will give a better customer response.

For increasing the number of conversions, potential business leads and for staying ahead in the competition, the production of personalized content is required.

With the assistance of personalized audio and video content, you can efficiently target the main audience.

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