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Wow Wednesday

Why wait for Friday when we can have fun on Wednesday!!

Brightening our mid-week drowsiness.

Work is indeed hard, and dealing with office stress is harder. Work may not necessarily be fun, but the workplace can be. The majority of people feel gloomy by mid-week. An encouraging and fostering working environment inspires the employees to take joy in their work and can reap enormous benefits. Finding joy in work improvises the relationship between employees and employers. The dynamic nature at Ideatick, allows us to facilitate natural, open two-way communication between the management and the employees. With employees’ direct feedback the management has been more responsive in identifying the quick wins to improve the work experience.

To cheer up the spirits, we organize some crazy fun-filled games on Wednesdays, to brighten up their midweek. We play a range of games from some team-building, inter-communication, and some fun-filled games. Our employees have loved this and they participate in great numbers. The team feels playful and gets competitive to beat the opponent team and win the game. They all look forward to every Wednesday and beat the blues in style. Apart from everything, it gives us a much-needed break. It allows us to get back to work more energetically with a fresh mind. Getting back to work after a refreshing break gives a new perspective on the task.

When the employees are enjoying themselves, they communicate & collaborate better. Thus, this becomes one of the most effective ways to improve the emotional quotient of the team. Enjoying a relaxed environment encourages honest discussion & builds trust in one another. With the friendly vibes, when the employees go back to work, they work better together with better communication and understanding. One is likely to ask for advice from the ones we like & trust. Games and fun activities break down the barriers, which normally prevent us from the fear of missing out or opening up. Employees don’t feel hesitation in reaching out, which directly results in avoiding mistakes and improving their skills too.

Whatever we do, we learn something out of it. The games we play are either team building or brain games, which help us improve our bonding and mental fitness. Memory is improved, concentration is sharpened and the team is energized in the mid-week so that their motivation is not lost by the end of the week. We surely believe that -all work and no play do make Jack a dull boy, which is not limited to students but also applies to employees.

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