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Town Hall Meeting

Different Teams- Same Goals- Ultimate Victory 

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Syncing our goals & vision.

Our town hall is a gathering where the entire organization comes together to share everything that has happened in the last quarter. We held such meetings as an open book for the new joiners to understand the organization and the progress made so far. Also, these meetings sow the seed of trust and faith in the team. While the employees see that the company is growing, they strive for better performance. Also, they are the best way where upper management connects with the employees and creates more transparency in the organizational decision.

While we operate unitedly as different departments, it is a tedious task for everyone to be updated with the achievements and analyze the drawbacks. Town Hall meetings bridge the gap, by covering the overall performance of all departments and the company’s goals as a whole. At the end of every quarter, we all gather around to track the progress made in the last quarter, big acquisitions the company had along with celebrate employee successes. We also set our paths clear and set the expectations straight for the next quarter. We make sure to highlight the failures too. When the failures come to light, it attracts different solutions and suggestions from the team too. One representative from each department presents the progress made in the previous quarters.

Ours is an ever-growing and evolving company. Hence, we also draw attention to some major milestones achieved by the projects during the previous period. Apart from immediate appreciation, a proper acknowledgment will always boost the spirit of the team. The performers’ awards are given out to the employees for exceptional contribution to work. Internal promotions bring in their own benefits. Each of our managers is a management expert, and thus it becomes easy for us to hire internally. Through internal hiring, we keep our employees motivated, which keeps their morale high. In the long term, this makes the team feel included and thus improving employee retention and employee satisfaction.

Our main agenda behind conducting town hall is interacting and hearing the employees. Thus one of the most vital parts of our town hall is the open question forum, which is held typically during the end of the meeting. Nothing ends empty-handed. We usually hand over gifts to all the attendees and seal the day with a smiling group photo.

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