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Mentor Universe

Generated 1400+ targeted leads

Mentor Universe is a academy & Consultancy provides coaching on IELTS, Study Abroad for higher education.

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Since 2022.

Brand Pain :
  • Let people know more about mentor and get targeted leads for the admissions.
Brand Requirement
  • Bring more traffic to the website & generate 100-150 targeted leads in month from the vadodara (Gujarat).

offered :

After analysis of the website & competitors we had created dedicated landing pages to collect leads.
We had design the structure of the ad campaigns. Strategize ad copies in the form of images, vidoes, reels, carousel.
As we need to target specific audience of vadodara we created ad copies in regional language” Gujarati” and global language “English”.
We started with Lead generation, Conversion campaign on google & facebook platform.
To make campaign perform more effective divide Campaigns targeted locations wise.
After getting good response from the campaigns we created Remarketing campaign to retarget those who are visited our campaign but not take any action.
Create LOOKALIKE audience campaign to find similar audience who is visited our campaign.
We regularly optimize campaigns for improving results.
Target Audience
  • Students (18 to 27 years of age) & Parents.

Ideation :

After understanding the client’s goals and expectations we were given the ideation that they should create different landing page for each courses they are offering also do some online webinar ads to collect leads. Our challenge was how to pick the right audience from the ad platform and convert those people.

Execution :

  • Got tremendous response on google & facebook ads.
  • Increase the website visits.
  • Setup ads for different platforms & optimising them for better results.

Final Results

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mentor growth
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