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470+ Organic Downloads on a
Single Podcast Episode

ZeroToExit is involved into creating podcast which focuses on sharing deep insights from industry leaders on how they successfully led multiple products and companies to critical success.
A B2B tech podcast with notable personalities from the cyber & tech industry.

Technology Podcast

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Since 2020.

Brand Pain :
  • Zero To Exit wanted to be more visible on social media through which their podcast downloads could see an steep increase.
Brand Requirement
  • Listen to the podcasts
  • Pick the high moments
  • Market them on Social Media
  • Top notch graphics
  • Variations in picking the speakers

offered :

Created the winning strategy for platforms
Designs that would catch everyone’s eye
Focusing on the snippets that would give learnings
Target Audience
  • Cyber Security, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Product Owners.

Ideation :

We were given the basic ideation that the speakers need to be promoted to on the social media platforms. Our challenge was how to pick those moments and pass it to the designer so the the video gives all the information around that particular topic.

Execution :

  • Got tremendous response on Linkedin & Twitter
  • Picking the speakers who would give us organic tractions
  • A mix of quotes, audios & videos
  • Engaging with new audience via community hashtags
  • Utilized hashtags for organic tractions

Outcome :

  • We showcased our work on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin & Twitter but the maximum traction we got from was Linkedin. Organically we grew from 0 to 506 followers in the span of 6 months. One of our images went viral which results in 100,00k Impression & 470 downloads on a single Post & Podcast respectively.

Final Results

Organic Impressions
Organic Followers
Profile Visits
Downloads on a single podcast episode

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Words of Trust

“They are quite systematic. They are diligent about metric tracking and reporting as well as new ideas about how to go and improve on the marketing side.”

Neelima Rustagi

Founder of the Zero to Exit Podcast
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