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Eurocan Internationals

Ad campaigns resulted
in 2200+ quality leads

Eurocan Internationals is providing advice, support, and assistance to people seeking overseas immigration in Vadodara.

Eurocan Internationals is a global leader in providing customized online immigration solutions. They offer visa services from all over the world.

They offer crucial assistance to visa applicants looking to immigrate to different countries across the globe. They help clients achieve their immigration goals and objectives, by offering them vital advice and assistance.


Visa Consultancy

Services :




Socials :

Since 2021.

Brand Pain :
  • In order to become more popular and well-known, Eurocan Internationals wanted to be more visible on social media. In addition, they are seeking good quality leads so they can reach out to more customers and earn more revenue.
Brand Requirement
  • To increase the reach and impression on the social media platform
  • Driving quality leads on the campaign
  • Understanding the target market

offered :

Understood the audience
We created some impactful/attractive content that people are willing to pay attention to.
Designs that would catch everyone’s eye
Focused on the lead generation ad campaigns and got satisfying results.
Target Audience
  • Study abroad students, People looking for work permit, students- parents, Visitors, Business person, and etc.

Ideation :

We were given the basic ideation that they provide visa and consultation services in various countries and they need good quality leads.

Our challenge was how to target the relevant audience, creative some impactful content and designs for the creatives to draw attention from our audience in order to generate quality conversion.

Execution :

  • Got tremendous response on the ad campaign
  • Picking the most creative content and the design with the quality audience has performed really well for us.
  • Engaging with new audience via DMs, comments and the stories on social media platform.
  • Also, utilized hashtags for organic tractions.

Outcome :

  • We showcased our work on Facebook, Instagram, with our ad campaigns we grew from 0 to 764 followers in the span of 6 months.
  • Our every ad campaign would generate 250-300 leads/campaign. With the minimum cost per lead (CPC) of ₹8.83
  • Gained a lot of call inquiries and the footfall was also positive.

Final Results

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Organic Followers
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