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AMP Krafts

4x Orders within 6 Months

Amp krafts is creating 100% stainless steel keychains & beautiful sterling silver jewellery at an affordable price without compromising the quality.

WooCommerce : Keychains & Jewellery

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Since 2022.

Brand Pain :
  • A website that offers a seamless user experience.
  • Creating a brand identity.
  • Increasing MoM Conversions.
Brand Requirement
  • Increasing brand visibility via SEO, SMM & PPC which would in return bring sales & brand visibility.
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offered :

  • We had analyze competitors & their website first & build website from scratch according to the market analysis
  • We did market research & finalized.
    • Keywords
    • Target Audience
    • Ad Copies
    • Ad Placements
  • Made Social Media accounts from scratch & focus on social media management via creating engaging content like reels, collabs with influencers, testimonials etc.
  • Create conversion campaign & catalog campaign for generating sales.
  • We also focused on brand’s awareness & engagement to let customer know more about products & quality.
  • Divide Campaigns according to the products theme. For eg- Two wheeler keychain & car keychains, Thar keychains, Royal Enfield keychains etc.
  • Create Remarketing campaign to retarget those who are visited website but not take any action.
  • Create LOOKALIKE audience campaign to find similar audience who is visited website to get more sales & new users on website.
  • Update UTM parameters in the ads so that we could know how many leads & pre orders comes from which campaign.
  • Setup events in the Facebook event manager and arrange them in priority wise to track sales funnel.

Ideation :


After understanding the client’s goals and expectations we were given the ideation that they should create e-commerce website with all advanced ecommerce features to increase sales. Our challenge was how to pick the right audience from the ad platform and convert those people into sales.


After understanding the client’s monthly organic traffic and goal expectations, we started optimization of the website by concentrating on the best SEO practices and optimizing the critical areas of the website first. It’s an ongoing strategy that requires updates as you go and we got the optimum results month on month.

Execution :


  • Got tremendous response on Google & Facebook ads.
  • Increase the brand awareness, website visits, sales month over month.
  • Setup ads for different platforms & optimizing them for better results.


  • Increased organic traffic and goal conversion every month.
  • Increased website impressions & clicks.
  • Achieved good keyword rankings for competitive keywords.
  • Improved website technical health score to “Excellent” level

Performed :


  • Human Based Reels for testimonials.
  • Increased Customer Reviews on Instagram
  • Ad Shoot
  • Copywriting
  • Insta Collabs for hot selling products like Enfield, Thar etc.
  • Social Media Campaign #LoveisLove
  • Giveaways
  • Graphic Designing


  • Keyword research for all the product pages.
  • Website technical audit and on-page optimization
  • Optimized product pages
  • Improved website structure
  • Website content improvisation and blog posting
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Off-page optimization
  • Reduce page load speed
  • Created high quality backlinks

Final Results

Grew Followers
View Reels
Total Website Traffic
Total Purchases
Total Impression
Total Organic Purchases
amp krafts
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amp seo proof
amp seo proof

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