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Achieved 5,00,000+
Organic Impressions on Reels

It’s an instagram account which gave us the opportunity to work for Edgar Garcia. This account was of personal branding and motivating the audience.

Motivational Speaking

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Socials :

Since 2021.

Brand Pain :
  • Wanted to be well known on Instagram with his content and follower growth. 
  • Come up with new ideas & content 
  • Guide the audience with content so it can motivate and help them
Brand Requirement/Expectations :
  • The expectations were to build a community of people who would engage with the content that will go up. It’s a mix bag of personal branding, branding, motivating & guiding the audience.

offered :

Content Creation
Graphic Designing
How Personal Branding works

Ideation :

We were given the basic ideation that the speakers need to be promoted to on the social media platforms. Our challenge was how to pick those moments and pass it to the designer so the the video gives all the information around that particular topic.

Execution :

This can be divided into three phases.

  • Phase 1 – For the first three months we motivated the audience by using the Client’s images along with reels focused on the same.
  • Phase 2 – This is where we changed our strategy and brought in content that would make people more connected with our page. We introduced carousels, reels, single images that would inspire or make the audience aware about never heard learnings. We grew our follower based by almost 13,000 by connecting with various pages to bring in audience.
  • Phase 3 – Now our focus is more shifting towards an entrepreneurial side where the client will be showcasing his face along with the content created.

Final Results


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