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950% Order incline with consistent ad budget

jumoon baby
Jumoonbaby is an Australia-based company that sells environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced wooden toys and, learning tools for kids. All toys are made of sustainably sourced wood, they are not only beautiful but also durable and long lasting. All of their toys have been handpicked and endorsed by kids. The educational toys are ‘Open-ended’ which offer important brain development opportunities.

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Since 2022.

Brand Pain :
  • Let people know more about Jumoonbaby and get targeted sales to increase revenue.
Brand Requirements & Expectations
  • Bring more traffic to the website & generate getting more & more sales month on month from Australia to achieve great revenue.

offered :

We had done computation research and based on that prepared the ads strategy.
Create conversion campaign & catalog campaign for generating sales.
We also focused on brand’s awareness & engagement to let customer know more about products & quality.
Divide Campaigns according to the products. and increase budget for the based on the responses from the campaigns.
Create Remarketing campaign to retarget those who are visited website but not take any action.
Create LOOKALIKE audience campaign to find similar audience who is visited website to get more sales & new users on website.
Update UTM parameters in the ads so that we could know how many leads & pre orders comes from which campaign.
Setup events in the facebook event manager and arrange them in priority wise to track sales funnel.
Target Audience
  • All parents of toddlers, grandparents, people who are interested in Baby products, Environmentally friendly toys, and similar.

Ideation :

After understanding the client’s goals and expectations we were given the ideation that they should create e-commerce website with all advanced ecommerce features to increase sales.Our challenge was how to pick the right audience from the ad platform and convert those people into sales.

Execution :

  • Got tremendous response on google & facebook ads
  • Increase the brand awareness, website visits, sales month over month
  • Setup ads for different platforms & optimizing them for better results

Final Results

Website Traffic
Cost per Purchase
jumoon baby
jumoon baby orders & revenue
jumoon growth
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