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Brand Name & Segment

Saraswati Shishukunj

Saraswati Shishukunj was founded in the year 2005, by Saraswati Education & Medical Trust, Shri B. M. Patel Global English Medium School & by Shri R. A. Patel Gyanjyot Gujarati Medium School. The school is surrounded by lush green trees to give students a peaceful atmosphere to study. The school is located near Vaghwala canal Borsad-Vasad Road, Borsad.



Saraswati Shishukunj

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Since 2018.

Brand Pain :
  • The Expectations from Saraswati Shishukunj were to  create a social media presence.
  • They wanted to use Social Media to pass on information to parents and students and highlight the overall USP’s of the school.
  • Along with that they wanted to showcase the culture of the school through Social Media which will build the trust of parents

The Ideation :

Content Ideation:

Over the span of 4 years we have gone under various ideations. Pre covid we use to be in touch with the team of Saraswati Shishukunj and get the updates since the School is heavily engaged in co-curricular activities and also suggesting them offline activities that can be done on the school. Our team has interacted with the school on a yearly basis to understand how we can do better.

Post Covid we have managed to showcase our creativity by excelling in our ideation, content & design work along with promoting the big events that take place.

The Execution :

  • Social Media is used from our side to be creative, engage with the audience in an organic way through which people are aware of  Saraswati Shishukunj.
  • Our posts are created  in Gujarati as well. This is because to cater the audience in Gujarati. We bridged the gap by understanding how the audience reacts to different posts in different languages.
  • Always being connected with current trends to leverage it.
  • Building a community of people who are willing to stay connected with Saraswati Shishukunj. The engagement here needs to be looked upon over the basic things such as page likes or followers despite those numbers being good

Results :

  • The biggest result is that this client is now associated with us for more than 4 years. Over this period we have always tried to level up our quality game by understanding that the services offered by the school are going to remain same but how we represent it differently is what we have achieved.
  • We have also managed to successfully create communities on Facebook & Instagram. Our posts are dedicated to our audience which in return always gives us decent engagement.
  • All the social media activities which have been carried out from our side are organic.
  • Client satisfaction & delight both is there since the expectations are met.
  • Choosing the right platforms for promotion.
  • Parents get all the updates.
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