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7 Industries that must have a video marketing strategy

7 Industries that must have a video marketing strategy

Video is becoming one of the most popular and widely accepted marketing strategies. It can make a brand stand out from the competition.

Videos are one of the most popular and widely used means of communication. Few industries need video marketing and video content that can brief others about their business. The trend is rising.

These videos need not be perfect but different and focus on the aim of the video.

1. E-commerce

As society is getting constantly connected with marketing advertisements all around completely occupying our Facebook feeds, more and more customers are preferring shopping online on e-commerce websites over in-store shopping. Video advertisements or promotions for a product can make a significant difference in the minds of the buyer regarding the product and its specifications.

Looking at any static image of a product can hardly make any realistic representation or get a full visual of what the product will look like in hand or person.

Video representation for an e-commerce industry can prove to be beneficial as the people buying the product can have a real insight into the product.

2. SaaS (Software as a Service)

Technical details when explained to a non-technical person or a layman can lead to big blunders when explained either orally or in a textual format.

Visual presentation can be an ultimate guide to the problem of explaining technicalities to the seeking individual.

The advantages, functionality, or the interface can be explained in the best possible manner using technical videos or explainer videos.

At times, great animations, as well as thrills, can be completely avoided to keep the visual presentation simple and comprehensive at the same time. Thus, the viewer can focus more on the advantages of the offer and the value added by the software in their lives.

3. Marketing Agencies

There is an ample number of industries who work on producing outstanding marketing strategies for their clients but often ignore their own.

Video or visual presentation is one of the best ways you can give your clients a glimpse of what your industry is all about and the results they can expect on getting connected with you as well as the results or value you are capable to give them.

Marketing agencies should focus on creating video content as a part of their service so that they do not miss out on one of the most valuable strategies of marketing.

Make your agency stand out from the competitors with a high-quality video of your service to your profile.

4. Non-Profit Organizations

For non-profit organizations, video making, as well as video marketing, may seem to be an impossible dream. The misconceptions about high costs and a long time to get ROI can be a big barrier to entry into these organizations.

Video marketing in simple words can help you to tell a story in the most meaningful manner. Whether you are appealing to volunteers, donors, or sponsorers, video can help you get the message across quite efficiently and effectively. It may even give an ROI that exceeds the cost of production.

Another big barrier for these non-profit organizations is the risk of failure associated. Pouring a heavy amount of money as well as finding the appropriate agency can be difficult and time-consuming along with being risky.

Today many agencies can provide a high-quality and standard video which can drive good engagement.

5. Finance

Money is a highly sensitive topic and is a debatable topic too. No one can easily render their trust in others if it is related to their money.

The finance industry needs a great and tough marketing strategy to give a brief insight into the values or the culture or the testimonials to lure potential customers.

“About Us”, or “Our Values” and the most highly needed “Our Happy Clients” can prove to be beneficial for the people in the finance sector.

6. Travel & Tourism.

The travel industry is one of the most sought-after industries as people love to travel. This is indeed a service-oriented industry with a variety of services such as accommodation, cuisine, nature, sports, and culture.

The feeling of visualization of the scenery, as well as the moments through the interplay of the video, can trigger the spectator’s wanderlust and the desire for adventure and relaxation.

Be it the tour or the hotels or the adventure video, a video can create a direct and huge impact on the spectator.

7. Healthcare

The health of an individual as well as the health of their family is an important asset for every individual. In the healthcare industry, trust is developed mostly through the “word of mouth” or “testimonial/ review of the real faces”.

From explaining the medical procedure to patients to having the working of the equipment. From training the nurses to providing special cares video is one of the most powerful and memorable education and awareness tools that can help to increase transparency.

Video can prove to be a really powerful tactic to increase trust and propose a reliable and reputed image in front of the customers or patients as a whole.

8. Education

Education is again one of the most vital decisions in someone’s life. When it comes to big and important decisions, education probably takes an important spot in the industry.

The quality of the education received can make an impact on someone’s future. From which school can be chosen to which kindergarten is best or to what course should be taken during graduation, all play an important role.

Video is not the only deciding ley factor for these questions but video can provide a platform to bring together the interested parties.

A glimpse of the university can make one lure for their choice and can have a positive impact on the university in the mind of the potential customers or visitors.

Conclusion – Video can have a deep and emotional impact on the viewers and can prove to be beneficial to connect them to what they want and what is offered to them.

Video is the future of marketing and a wonderful strategy to work on to grow the business as a whole.

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