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How to boost your YouTube video ranking


In this blog, I am explaining how to boost your YouTube video ranking. In fact, this was the exact process that our expert used to grow our channel to 3,62,610 views.

So if you are willing to increase your views, subscribers, and traffic on your YourTube channel then you will find this blog very useful.

1. Identify the best keywords

The best way to make your video found by everyone is to work with the appropriate keywords in the text-based content which are title and description. The words which seem relevant to you can find its ranking in Google’s Keyword Planner. There are many tools that help to identify the information related to the relevant keywords such as the number of times the keyword has been searched, costs per click, competitive keyword, etc.

The youtube provides the users with a very important auto-complete feature- when the user types the primary search phrase in the search bar it deciphers it by displaying all the autocomplete versions. It helps the users to find the most relevant words which satisfy their needs. The autocomplete list is the pre-populated list.

2. Research your competitors

Obtain the full profile of the competitors. It assists to look at and analyze your competitor’s growth i.e. the work, used tags, what they are not doing. Research helps to examine every aspect thoroughly and figure out what should be included, what are the things which your competitor is missing out and what you can include in your content and the video. It is an effective way to figure out the best performing videos.

3. Target a specific audience

There are various keywords that will be available but it is necessary to determine which keywords are for your target audience. For this firstly you need to know who is your target audience, the content which you are uploading is for which section of the society. The classification can be done on any basis whether it is based on geographics, demographics or behavior. After analyzing your target audience work on your content and video as per their relevance.

4. Watch your YouTube SEO

SEO should be considered before thinking of the content and the brand marketers must follow through it even after the videos have been posted. It is an effective way to make the most out of it. If you are not thinking closely about your videos that means your investment and efforts for videos were never to gain any potential on Youtube. There are few things about which you should be careful. Rename the video file with the identified keyword. That helps to result in better when the user undertakes any search.

Your video title must carry the keywords as search for videos are performed with the titles and it grabs the attention of the viewer. The title ascertains whether the viewer will opt to watch your video or not. That is the reason why the title should not only use keywords but it must also be short and clear.

Once you are clear with the keyword of your content and the video include it in the following fields:

  • Title- The maximum limit of the title is 100 characters but it curtails the characters after 66 characters so it is necessary to include the keyword and most important information in the first 66 characters.
  • Meta-Description- Its maximum limit is up to 5000 but it is truncated at 166 characters. It is necessary to keep in mind to include the major details in 166 characters to view more readers have to click on read more and viewers do not want to read an essay.
  • Tags- Have a limit to fit 500 characters. While using any tag always think yourself as a user and then add the tags as per its importance.

5. Research the most suitable tags

Tags are useful in ranking your video and enable your users to find the videos. The tags make the search process more convenient. By using tags you are not only making your users aware of the content and context of the video but also explaining it to Youtube. With the help of tags, Youtube makes a way to link your videos with the other videos which have the same content or the context, so that your content’s reach can be broadened up.

6. Moderate your comment section

The effect of comments can be directly or indirectly. The comments made on your videos can make or break your tube channel. In some cases, it can be seen that a very beneficial and good video of a brand has been sabotaged with devastating comments. It also helps to analyze what impact your videos are creating on the users. By making comments on your videos, users show interest in your video, giving a reply to their comments helps you to build a relationship and trust between you and your users.

7. Manage and audit your channel

Managing the channel allows in creating videos and content that can be useful for your channel ranking.

  • It is a way to figure out whether your chosen keywords are creating an impact on your brand and the favorable circumstances in the future.
  • Use customized thumbnails as it is the image that attracts the interest of the viewers when they are scrolling through video results. The image should be clear and attractive that can create an impact so that the viewer can click the button to watch the video.
  • Creating a video playlist helps to categorize similar videos in one place it boosts up the engagement of the customers and it is easier to share multiple videos at the same time rather than sharing video one by one. It is easy to locate videos having a similar context.

Audit means keeping track of your channel and the failure and success of your channel.

  • Always being attentive to your success and failures is not an option, it is a fundamental requirement. An audit helps to know whether your videos are working for your brand or not and which type of content is working for your brand.
  • It helps in the analysis of how many people are watching your videos.
  • The retention of the customers i.e. for how long the customers are watching your videos.
  • It keeps a track of how often your videos are suggested to the viewers.

An example of a tool that can be used to manage and audit the channel is Youtube analytics. It provides an overview of the channel. It provides you with the complete information of your audience such as who is your audience, which content they are enjoying.


Youtube is the second-largest search engine globally and that too from its own parent company “Google”. Every business wants to be number one in its field and if you want to grow on Youtube you must be aware of the facts which help to boost your Youtube ranking. It is important to consider the fact that you should initiate it from the beginning. Before putting out any content or videos on your youtube channel start from scratch identify the best keywords after having a comparison with your competitors and analyzing your target audience. After this, you should concentrate on your youtube SEO and research about the most profitable tags. The job does not end here, as you need to moderate your comment section now what your viewers want to say and then manage and audit your channel.

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